The Curious Deconstruction of a Corsage – in case I ever need to make one …

Recently, I attended an Art Show at the Botanical Gardens. All the ladies received a beautiful corsage. Mine was a beautiful white Gerber Daisy. It was tightly wrapped in floral tape and I knew it wouldn’t make it until the next morning unless I took it apart and placed it in water. I was always curious as to how they were made. This was my opportunity to find out.

My only regret was using a beige napkin. The details of the corsage would have popped a little more if I had used something else underneath it – oh well, it was late and the color side of my brain was asleep :)

Photo 2013-03-29 08.18.21 AM

I couldn’t help but wonder how it was made so, I decided to take it apart.

The back of the corsage looks like this:

Photo 2013-03-29 08.19.15 AM

The floral tape was tucked away at the top

Photo 2013-03-29 08.19.35 AM

I began to unravel it …

After the First piece of floral tape was unravelled, the wire that held the ribbon bow was exposed and freed

Photo 2013-03-29 08.21.11 AM

A little more unravelling and the First Green Stem was freed:

Photo 2013-03-29 08.23.04 AM

Then, the Second Green Stem was freed:

Photo 2013-03-29 08.23.40 AM

Final Strip of Floral Tape revealed a green wire (it acted as a stem) that was also holding the flower in place:

Photo 2013-03-29 08.24.00 AM

Here is a better view:

Photo 2013-03-29 08.24.25 AM

Back to the Ribbon Bow:

It is made of sheer ribbon loops that are wrapped in the center with floral wire:

Photo 2013-03-29 08.24.58 AM

Here it is once the wire is removed:

Photo 2013-03-29 08.25.33 AM Photo 2013-03-29 08.25.48 AM

This is what the corsage looked like completely unassembled:

Photo 2013-03-29 08.26.19 AM

I measured both floral wires.

The thinner one, which was used to make the Ribbon Bow measured about 6 inches in length (about 15,25 cm)

The main wire ribbon, (which was the thicker one) acted as the backbone of the entire corsage and it measured about 4 inches in length (10.16 cm)

Photo 2013-03-29 08.27.38 AM

The BOW measures about 5 1/2 inches in width (almost 14cm)

Photo 2013-03-29 08.28.19 AM

Final list of Materials Used to make this bow:

Photo 2013-03-29 08.35.31 AM

5 Ft. 8 Inches (1.72 meters) of sheer ribbon that is about 1/2 inch wide (1.27 cm)

4 inches of Thick Floral Wire

6 Inches of Thin Floral Wire

Floral Tape

2 pieces of greenery

Flower with a 2-3 inch long stem

Well, the big corsage mystery has been solved.

If you have the right flowers in your garden, these corsages are easy to make and can certainly make someone feel special :)

Let’s Have Coffee – Radio Talk on my way to the Doctor

I went for my Annual “Plumbing” check-up.  She’s an amazing doctor and if it weren’t for her, I’m not sure that I would have ever had a good experience with childbirth.  But that’s another story………

Anyway, I’m off to see her and the Radio DJ is talking about how little men know about the female anatomy – yet, think they know EVERYTHING.  I missed out on the previous question but after the commercial, I catch on to the conversation.  There were 2 questions that really cracked me up.  Plus, my drive to the doctor isn’t that far, which was too bad because I would have loved to listen more…Luckily as I waited to be seen, I was able to write this all down on my Notes App so I could share :)

The Female DJ of this Radio Talk Show was asking the questions.  The male radio guys are taking turns answering the questions and go one at a time.  There are guys who have phoned in and two are randomly chosen for each new question.  They give their names and ages.  I do not remember their names but their ages were 31 and 37.

Apparently, any of the 3 guys can answer some or all of the question.  I can see now why that was the rule.

Question One:

What does a pregnancy test look for?

One guy is REALLY excited and says, “I KNOW! I KNOW! B12!”

The other guy, “The baby pees into the mom so, the test is looking for baby pee.”

Third guy, “No clue”

Obviously, they had no freaking idea that a pregnancy test looks for “hCG” or een used the term “the Pregnancy Hormone”  By the way, hCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin 

Question Two:

What are the 3 functions of the Vagina?

Now of course, all three guys wanted to answer so she had them take turns responding.  This is what they said:

One guy  answers, “CHILDBIRTH”

Another guy answers, “PREGNANCY”

She asks for one more answer – there is silence

She repeats the question – no one answers, there are crickets in the background.

“Come on Guys! “

Finally, one of the guys says, “I dunno, Hide a key?”

I cannot tell you the laughter that came out of my stereo!  I just about lost it too!  Thankfully, by that time, I was in the parking lot.  My doctor thought it was hysterical too – we had a good laugh

By the way, for those of you that have no clue what “Hide a key” is, here is a googled image:


Freezing Basil – an experiment

Photo 2013-05-23 11.19.45 AM


A while back, I wrote a post about freezing parsley – you can find it here:

One of my blogging pals mentioned something about freezing basil.  Great idea but, I’ve never had luck.  You see, basil rusts (at least for me) almost as soon as I cut it.  Any time I tried freezing it, it turned black.  However, I thought maybe I’d have better luck freezing it whole.  Here’s how it went:

As much as I wanted to wash my basil, I didn’t know if it would be affected in the freezing process.  So, this time, for the sake of this experiment,  I froze unwashed basil.  Because of the monsoon season, I was careful to dry it with a paper towel just in case there was any moisture on it.  As you can see from the picture, it’s not the best basil – it’s a bit yellow because of all the rain ;/

Photo 2013-05-23 11.20.13 AM


A couple of hours later, I checked on the basil and it looked like this:

Photo 2013-05-26 12.44.43 PM


Not good for the Basil Freezing Team!

I have frozen basil in olive oil before but, I like the idea of freezing it alone,  and keeping it chopped up in the freezer during the winter.

Anyone have success freezing basil?  Can you share your secret with me?  :)

Rainy day projects – a wonderful stumble

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have taken up crochet.   On my Newbie Crochet bucket list is the every famous “granny square”  However, I am still practicing and learning basics.  Surfing the web for easy BEGINNER patterns, I stumbled across a great post on this blog:

I was so  intrigued by this project that I had to try it out.

Here is my experiment – and I’m happy to say, it worked!

There has been a T-shirt roaming this house for about a year. It doesn’t belong to either of my boys, I asked all their friends and no one claimed it. It  has been sitting on top of the dryer for MONTHS.  So, since no one wanted it, it’s mine!

Photo 2013-06-26 04.14.13 PM

It’s a men’s size Large

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Recap – 4th of July rainout

So, 4th of July came and went… Noah’s Ark was spotted about an hour away and almost had to come by and pick up Icy & Rocky.  They had their bags bak and were ready to move to Fiji.

If you recall, we had about 20 people coming to the house of the 4th.  Some were clients from Europe.  The rain was CRAZY and the festivities for the 4th were postponed until Saturday.  It’s 9:30 AM on the 4th and we needed a “PLAN B”

Dinner at our house?  OKAY !  Off we went to the supermarket for an “Italian Night Menu”

I made 80 some odd meatballs, meat sauce, baked ziti, chicken parmesan, eggplant parmesan, blueberry pie and a banana pudding dessert. Oh, and it can’t be italian night without the every delicious Garlic Bread.

Here are some pictures.  Oh, and to answer your question, YES, I did wrap my kitchen counters with plastic grocery bags and my stove was covered with foil.  I was short on time and cleanup was not only important but, it had to be quick.  Desperate times call for desperate measures :)




Photo 2013-07-04 02.09.04 PM

IMG_7319I thought I had pictures of the final products but, I don’t :)

Oh well… It was a fabulous evening and we enjoyed getting to know our newest friends from across the pond.  One of the ladies that came over gave me the most beautiful peonies I have ever seen.  Although my garden is packed to the gills, I may just add one more plant – look:

IMG_7323  IMG_7324

IMG_7327  IMG_7322

Fast Forward to Saturday, July 6th

Still RAINING!!!!

Everything is soaked, the kids had an hour to play the games that were set up outside.  The petting zoo was protected with a big awning but, the rain came and went almost all evening.

Festivities started at 7 and ended early because of the thunderstorms.  We still had a great time, enjoyed the BBQ and enthusiastically placed our blankets on the grass and set up our travel chairs outside – IT ALL GOT SOAKED!

Fireworks time!  In the end, we couldn’t help but laugh – the fireworks show was moved up by half an hour because of projected rain storms.  Could sit anywhere because everything was floating in puddles.  It was all fine, we were still having a great time.

The music and fireworks begin…


Ok, Maybe it needs to be darker outside.  Here comes the next one…

The best part was hearing the little kids saying,

“Yaaaaaay… Ooooohhh No!”

IMG_7377  IMG_7365


IMG_7375  IMG_7371


IMG_7379    IMG_7375

The air was so THICK and WET but, We finally got a few nice ones!





Finally!  Pretty Fireworks to enjoy!

Then, we had to hurry up, pack up our wet stuff and go home before the RAIN!  :)

Anyone else have a crazy rainy 4th?

NEW Mac !

Photo 2013-07-02 05.17.54 PMOver the weekend, we received our newest member of technology – my very first Laptop EVER!!!  I used 15 years with of Rewards Points to buy it :) Actually, the one I was qualified to purchase was a little more advanced with this one as it was all flash storage and had retina display  so, I traded with my son.  There is something weird about not having a CD drive.  Guess I’m showing my age and am slowly turning into my parents.  :)

Happily, we traded.  He has the new one and I have his almost one year old MacBookPro with CD drive – and let me tell you, it is so different than what I had, I feel technologically challenged.

My sweet iMac desktop was 7 years old and slowly bit the dust.  I have been using my ipad and a VERY OLD PC to write my posts and let’s just say, it wasn’t easy.  But, that’s ok!  It makes me appreciate this even more!

More rain today ;/ but, for once this will be a good thing – I will spend the rainy part of the afternoon learning this new mac.  Promised my son I wouldn’t use a mouse and would take the time to learn the Trackpad – so, it’s going to take a while to figure this out.

Have a great day and stay dry!!!!!!!

Photo 2013-07-02 05.17.00 PM

The fairies are moving out!

They haven’t even unpacked and the fairies have decided to leave!  I feel so bad for them but totally understand.  There is a beautiful swing, a bed and a few other very sweet decorations for our Fairy Garden, patiently waiting in the basement.

The RAIN HAS BEEN DAILY.  Now, we are getting alerts from the National Weather Service on our phones that we have not even subscribed for!  I promise most of our teenagers do not have the local TV news app on their phones.  It sounds like those weekly tests that come on the radio – that LOUD very familiar alarm sound.  Maybe it’s a new thing, and I appreciate it, really I do, especially if there is a tornado.  However, we are all hoping it will be nice and not scare the crap out of us at 2am with a flood warning.  It’s so loud and annoying (as it should be) that I can’t imagine being able to fall asleep after a false alarm.

So, today,  all festivities for 4th of July have been postponed until Saturday.  It’s raining cats and dogs.  My dogs don’t want to go potty because it’s so nasty out.  FINALLY a teeny tiny reprieve to pee pee outside :)

Look what ICY found!

photo 2

My happy little gnome is SAILING away in a paper sailboat, (made from an old calendar page) being held up by a small piece of styrofoam!  (didn’t want the trip to end before the boat melted in the water)

Hopefully, they are going to a land of sunshine, mild winters, perfect summers, no Humidity and minimal rain.

With vegetable gardens that haven’t withered away because there is WAY TOO MUCH WATER.

With grass that isn’t becoming black fungus.

With flowers that aren’t splattered all over the ground because their precious, delicate ,petals cannot hold the weight of the water….

Off he goes, my little gnome, off to look for higher ground, pretty fairies and a nicely painted wheelbarrow to live in…

photo 4

Safe travels little gnome…… Hope you find a RAINBOW soon.  Let me know where you end up as I may just join you!      :)